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Week 24 – Great Trip

Hi All,

Just came back from a beautiful trip to Barcelona! I really enjoyed the weather, the food, the people, the environment and the energy. What a relaxed city is Barcelona. I learned that there are really good tapas in Spain and sangria! I am grateful for the great Airbnb host we had and grateful for the place we were in the area of Gracia.

The trip brought more energy to fulfill my DMP. I thought this is one of the reasons to become financially free to live at city’s like this and can do what you want, enjoy food, good wines and contact with great people.

Another thing that was great about the trip is the information I got about our body and what you can do to slow down the aging process! It is key to degrees your oxidative stress. And I learned more about biohacking (how to positively influence my body). With all this new information I can be even more in service on the healthy side! On the financial side, I learned the financial freedom formula. The question is how many money do you need per month coming in passively to be financially free? If you know the answer then you need to calculate how much-invested assets you need. Then you take the average return on investments and you know your goals of available investable cash you need to achieve. This practical way of thinking fit with me as a red! And I can use this knowledge to serve you even better on a financial side!

So a great experience and I am grateful for the trip I made!

Week 23 – traveling and silence

Last weekend I experienced two days of silence! What a great experience #grateful The time went go very slow and it felt like week of holiday in two days. Nonphome, no laptop, no talking, very interesting how you experience a day when you are silent. I lived more in the now and felt more connected to my girlfriend (she also does the mke and was silent). I also experienced that we are very depend from the internet. After the silence period I had to prepare my trip to barcelona, and than I needed internet, also to book my holiday hours at work I needed internet and to pay taxes to the government, so you can’t live normally without the internet. How is that in your country?

This week I travelled to Barcelona to enjoy the city and launch our health business here! So we can help more people to age healthy! It feels great to be able to help so many people with there health! Your health is your first wealth!! I also see Barcelona as a great realestate opportunity, great city to live and good environment! You have to go there and see the great art work of gaudi! Where is your next trip going to be going?

Enjoy your day, greetings from Barcelona!

Week 22a – Balance & Commitment

Hi All,

How are you all doing? Already did your silence period? Mine is planned this weekend and I am looking forward to it! Curious about the discovery during and after the session. This week I enjoyed masterminding with my second mastermind club here in Holland, it is great to mastermind with other Entrepreneurs and different people because you can create real synergy!

Looking forward to mastermind with my MKE group today, great that we are all in the program, love our group and the energy. With rewriting my DMP I told you last time that my different income streams became more clear. My business focuses on health and wealth and with a core bringing the right people together to create synergy. So it is creating synergetic referrals. I feel happy that I can help people, to be the connector and see them and their companies flourish!

With the giving it goes well, I feel happy to give more and the dynamic of give more get more it clearer and clearer. I give more to collegue’s, tips in restaurant, friends, and people I care about. Sometimes I do a random act of kindness in the traffic or when I am on the move. It feels good to do.

So the program gives more and more positive results!

Enjoy your evening!

PS. next week I am in Barcelona to launch our health business there, I am really looking forward to it!






Week 22 – Revision DMP and enjoying the sunshine

Hi, how are you all doing? I am feeling great:) This week I enjoyed some great weather in Holland. it was very warm (18degrees) for the time of the year, so I really enjoyed the sunshine and It was lovely to walk and sit in the park nearby the house and a new rooftop bar in the city I live in. I noticed that I was more at the moment when I was enjoying the sun so that feels like a great progression.

I rewrote a part of my DMP because things are happening according to my DMP so that is great! I added some details ways of earning money by being a service to people. In the different things I do as a service there is a core in it and that is good too know. The basics are to connect people to each other and service people with the people they need to fulfill their dreams. It feels great to be able to do this service to people. I am feeling grateful that I come to this clarity.  I thank my guide for the great feedback on my DMP. I recommend you also to revise your DMP after a few months to keep it an active and living thing.

Today we had a great mastermind and we share a lot of insights with the group! I feel very thankful for the mastermind and the guidance of Luc! What a great program and masterminding is also great, we get real on a higher plan. I love it!

Enjoy your night/evening/day and keep masterminding:)



Week 21 – last period official program

Hi All, how is your start from the last official period from the program?

Mine Is good, as I shared last week my DMP is manifesting in both ways health and financial freedom. With the real estate, we are one step further and going to mee an expert in real estate. This feels great!

Another thing that is coming nearby is the launch of our health business in Barcelona. The tickets and hotels etc. are booked and I am really looking forward to it! Another thing that I noticed is that my mastermind buddies live in great places in the world, the beauty of knowing people worldwide is that you can mastermind worldwide! Another benefit from knowing people worldwide is that it is line with my DMP so I can build Levhealthy centra’s worldwide together with local like-minded people!

With the exercise to use our emotions that are first seen as challenges but can be used as tools I share what I do with anger in the mastermind alliance. This emotion comes with a lot of energy. With the law of dual thought, I can redirect this energy to good use. I am grateful that we learned to operate our minds:) What a great program we are in and we are masters of the greatest mechanism we have our minds!

What are your tips to redirect the emotions you feel?

Week 20 – Progression

Hi All, I love to share the developments of last week, enjoy reading my blog!

This week, was the week of the progression! I got a step further at the bank where I worked, I had an appointment with the director and talked about the suggestions to improve the service I gave earlier, I felt great! I got names of people to talk further with so this is confirming my DMP to become an expert in change and process optimization

Besides that I see my body evolving to an even more fitter person than I am today. So a fit, young muscled man with a smile is the reality, this also feels great!

The real-estate investing is going step-by-step, we are talking with banks about financing the real estate so that is going great. I decided that another service I give is bringing people together and receive a success fee so we create win-win-win situations, the first combinations getting in line so that is working out.

I noticed that I give more and more, really implemented the law of giving, with Valentijn (today) I bought something nice for my loved one! I give tips at restaurants, help my colleagues more than ever so that feels great!

At last, I am very happy with my mastermind group and the 1-on-1 mastermind with Stephanie I get great energy from the masterminding and give great energy to it. It feels great and I am feeling grateful for the masterminding.

How is your progression going on?

Enjoy your day/evening!

Week 19 – manifesting DMP

Hi, all how are you all doing?

I am happy that I follow the masterkey program and grateful for the guidens and all you other members. What a great movement we are!

This week I see more great results happening on the health side of my dmp and the financial freedom side! We making progress with the realestate investment work to our first goal! Banks reacting positive and our structure is getting better. So within a few week we can start with renting out and earn passive income what leads to one of my dmp goals. Ofcourse I share the knowlegde and continue doing it while building on my own porfolio. It feels so grate to be able to help so many people with knowlegdes and experience so they also become financial free!

on the health side it is also going great! Swimming feels good, my energy goes up even more and my body feels great! So I enjoy the sports activities and reccommend to everyone to do it! What also feels great is that I going to launch our health business in spain, together with my partner and team! So we can help more people with boihacking so they all stay young and fit! And ofcourse we also stay fit and young!

So, my dmp is getting fulfilled in both ways on the health side and the financial side!

Thanks for reading and enjoy the rest of the week!



Week 18 – Imagination

Hi all, how are you doing all?

I am feeling great, enjoyed last week webinar and did a post about it on my social media! Loved the tiny habits and the research behind it! I got great reactions to my social media, that feels good.

I still continue the swimming ones a week and giving and this week there came great business deals on my path so I am grateful for this. I love the mastermind with my buddy great energy we build together in the mastermind!

Do you also see your business growing because of the master key system?

What I also love is the focus on good attributes or in other words habits in the Franklin exercise great that we focus on good habits conform scroll 1! The grateful cards make me feel good at the end of the day, I continue to do this exercise my whole life and inspirer orders to do this also!

I am curious about the next webinar and what we learn next. What a great program grateful to be part of the Master Key Experience!

Week 17 HJ – Resume

Hi all, how are you all doing?

Here in Holland, there is snow so we have a white world around us! Love to look outside from the warm place I live or go by train through the beautiful landscape!

This week de core word this week is taking initiative and of course still focus on kindness! I took initiative to swim this week again, to apply for a dance workshop, to call a financier to talk about my real estate business, look for business events to do networking so e really take initiative. At least I read further in the book Unshakeable from Tony Robbins a recommendation for everyone that wants to become financially free!  This is all in line with my DMP goals so I really love my actions and I am very grateful for the Franklin exercise!!

This week webinar was interesting and I love that we are all in the hero’s journey. What I also noticed that when reading scroll, 9, 10 and today 11 (one choice), I am much further in my thinking, so this progress feels great. I see also a lot combination with the investment strategies that Tony shares that come down at thought control and you have to be the gateman for Subby. Great to see the combinations! It is the same with real estate investment always make money an easy way by providing sustainable real estate, when the markets go up, goes down or goes sideways. So with this combination of knowlegde, I serve my clients even better. My DMP become reality with a relaxed state of mind. I call it Box3 energy (this is a reference to the cashflow quadrant of Robert Kiyosaki combined with the Dutch tax system). Focus on the B and I quadrant and help people with what they need (service-oriented) and you become financially free! What insights do you have?

Enjoy your day/evening!

Week 17 – kindness and courage

Hi, all enjoy reading my blog!

This week is the focus on kindness and courage. I loved a previous week where we focussed on kindnesses. What a great energy we have as a group. Also, I took the lead in the masterminding group that felt great!

I enjoy the masterminding with Stephanie, what a great vision and energy you have! Thanks for being a mastermind buddy with me, feeling grateful. I change my DMP a bit with goals of 2019. I decided to stay kind this week and also focus on acts of kindness. So I helped a colleague to make an excel file for her team. I cooked dinner at home. Also, I focus on courage today I went swimming for the first time in several years to build further on my optimal health (also DMP goal), feels great! I used a POA card and I met this goal already on Tuesday! What a great system we are building in our subconsciousness mind! The new blueprint is really working! I also made an appointment with a director in the company I work for to help with changes so this is kindness and courage. I also noticed that Subby is very good in recognizing my DMP goals in the empty shapes so great results are happening!

What is your word this week and how are you doing? Love you all and enjoy your day/evening!

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